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Interactive story: See how Ukrainians remove dangerous landmines by hand

Interactive story: See how Ukrainians remove dangerous landmines by hand
By Natalia LiubchenkovaOle Krogsgaard
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Ukraine is one of the countries in the world most plagued by landmines. Removing them is a painstaking process most often done entirely by hand. See how in this interactive 360° report.

  • This is an interactive 360° story. You can move the image using your smartphone or your computer cursor. Click the round icons to advance through the story.
  • If the text in the story is too small, try clicking the binoculars in the lower-right corner.
  • If the story doesn't load, click here

Five years of ongoing conflict has made Ukraine one of the most mine-affected places in the world.

The situation poses a large threat to the civilian population and is unlikely to be resolved quickly even when the conflict is over.

Identifying landmines and other unexploded ordnance is a very time-consuming process. And it's expensive: it only costs €2,50 to lay a mine, but €900 is spent to remove each one.

In this 360° report, you can join the mine clearers from the Halo Trust at work to see first-hand how landmines are detected and neutralised - entirely by hand.

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