Watch again: Indian military accuses Pakistan of 'violations'

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By Shafi Musaddique
Watch again: Indian military accuses Pakistan of 'violations'

India's navy, airforce and army on Thursday accused Pakistan of committing "violations" across the Kashmir line of control and said it is ready to intercept Pakistan with a "swift, strong response when needed".

The comments were made in a joint news conference in New Delhi amid a serious escalation of tensions between the two countries. 

India's army officials accused Pakistan of "factually incorrect statements" on plane shootings and said Pakistan's airforce targeted Indian military installations.

Indian and Pakistani troops briefly traded fire along the disputed border in Kashmir on Thursday morning, following Pakistan shooting down an Indian plane and capturing a pilot on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, India entered Pakistan’s airspace to shoot down a so-called militant group training camp.

India's airforce confirmed that the captured pilot will return to India on Saturday, but refused to praise Pakistan, describing it as merely "following Geneva conventions".

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Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan  called for talks between the two nuclear-armed rivals in a televised address on Wednesday, saying: "Considering the nature of the weapons that both of us have, can we afford any miscalculation?"

The latest escalation marks a sudden deterioration in relations between the two countries. As recently as November, Khan spoke of "mending ties" with India.

The White House urged "both sides to take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation."

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement he had spoken separately with the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan and urged them to "prioritise direct communication and avoid further military activity".

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