Can you roll a perfect joint? You're hired!

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By Mark Armstrong
Can you roll a perfect joint? You're hired!
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If you can roll the perfect cannabis spliff then there's a joint in the British city of Brighton that may have the perfect role for you.

The Hemp Earth Dispensary plans to hold a competition on Tuesday to see who can roll the fastest, perfectly rolled joint.

The winner will be awarded a part-time job and receive £10 (€11.65) an hour for their dextrous herbal skills.

A spokesman said the 60 places for the contest were easily filled and emphasised that the whole event is legal.

The company only uses hemp containing CDB that does not result in users getting high, which is caused by THC. The organisers also say they do not want anyone turning up at their premises with illegal substances.

Contestants shouldn't get too excited about the money either since the winner could only end up working a few hours per week.

Even so, the joint should be packed. Spliffing!