Populism or democracy? Swedish MEP takes on Nigel Farage in Euronews panel

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By Darren McCaffrey
Populism or democracy? Swedish MEP takes on Nigel Farage in Euronews panel

Politicians from both sides of the Brexit divide battled it out at a conference organised by Euronews in London on Tuesday.

Part of the debate centred on the meaning of the word "free". For former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and asset management CEO Richard Tice, this means freedom for the UK to be self-determining.

"We'll be free," said Farage. "Self-governing, independent nations make their own laws, control their own borders and have their own courts."

The remarks frustrated Italian-Swedish MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt.

"Please, stop using the word 'free'. You [the UK] have been shaping the Europe we have and we're glad for that."

"We're not interested, we're leaving...there is a consensus in this country," said Farage.

This also irked Corazza Bildt. "It's not a consensus. That there is a consensus is absolute amazing lies."

When Farage stated that "we should just get on with it" he was pinned down by Corraza Bildt and Lord Newby to define what "it" actually means.

"Specify," demanded the Swedish MEP. "You never specify, you're always generalities. What does 'get on with it' mean?"

"Leave. L-E-A-V-E. On WTO rules at 11 pm on March 29 this year," he responded.

Farage then accused Westminster of not being in touch with public opinion on the subject of Brexit, to which Corazza Bildt said: "No, only you are."

Farage countered by saying: "My track record on that is pretty good, actually."

"Yes, it's called populism," Coraza Bildt said.

"It's called democracy," was Farage's riposte. "You don't like that sort of thing. And it's very awkward for you when you get the wrong result."

“Over & Out” — Brexit from a European Perspective — chaired by Euronews' Political Editor Darren McCaffrey, showcased a panel discussion with Nigel Farage MEP; Rachel Johnson, Peoples Vote Campaigner; Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, MEP; Richard Tice, Founder and Vice-Chair of “Leave Means Leave”; and Lord Newby, the Liberal Democrat group leader from the House of Lords.

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