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What is behind anti-Semitism in Europe? | Raw Politics

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By Euronews
What is behind anti-Semitism in Europe? | Raw Politics

A group of France’s “gilet jaune” (yellow vest) protesters hurled anti-Semitic abuse at Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut over the weekend.

The incident in Paris comes as other European countries struggle to address reports of rising anti-Semitism.

Raya Kelenova, CEO of the European Jewish Congress, said that although anti-Semitism has been an issue for virtually all of recorded history, it is now "coming out".

She said the internet, social media and the media in general had contributed to this. 

“Social media has become a very dangerous phenomenon. It is an incubator of hatred,” she said. 

But Euronews' political editor Darren McCaffrey said social media may not be the root of the problem.

"It doesn't create how people feel, it does sometimes give them a platform to express those views."

"As much as you would say, potentially social media is the ill of it, it could also be the solution," he said. 

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