Trump 'would have a hard time' letting son play American football

Donald Trump and his son, Barron, left.
Donald Trump and his son, Barron, left.   -  Copyright  Reuters
By Euronews

On the day of one of the U.S' biggest sporting events, the Super Bowl, the US president said he was not sure he would let his son Barron play football.

On the biggest day in the NFL calendar, the Super Bowl LIII, US President Donald Trump said he was not sure he would want his youngest son to play because it is a "dangerous sport".

In an interview with CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday, which aired just hours before the Super Bowl kicked off in Atlanta, Trump said: "[Would I let him play] if he wanted to? Yes. Would I steer him that way? No, I wouldn’t.”

Trump added he was still a football fan, and that while equipment has been improved “it hasn’t solved the problem".

"I hate to say it because I love to watch football. I think the NFL is a great product, but I really think that as far as my son, well I’ve heard NFL players saying they wouldn’t let their sons play football. So. It’s not totally unique, but I would have a hard time with it," he said.

Trump noted his youngest son Barron, who turns 13 next month, is more keen on soccer, known as football in Europe.

His latest comments contrast remarks made in 2016 during the election campaign when he said "the whole game is screwed up", because "football has become soft".

The US president was also asked about the touchy topic of NFL players who demonstrated during the national anthem in 2017 against police brutality.

Despite NFL owners and players reaching an agreement and few players protesting this season, Trump said: “You have to respect our flag and our country. I want that as president, and I’d want that as a citizen. And I have a very good relationship. I did them a big favour in negotiating the USMCA, which is basically the replacement to NAFTA, which is one of the worst trade deals ever made.”

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