50-year-old French author sparks outrage by saying he is 'incapable' of dating women his age

French author Yann Moix
French author Yann Moix Copyright Reuters- file
By Pascale Davies
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Yann Moix, an award-winning French author made the comments in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.


An award-winning French author has caused uproar after saying that as a 50-year-old he was “incapable” of loving a woman of the same age.

Yann Moix, who is 50 years old, told the French edition of Marie Claire magazine: “I prefer the body of young women, that’s all. End of story. I don’t want to lie. The body of a 25-year-old is extraordinary. The body of a 50-year-old is not extraordinary at all."

The author also said women his age or over were "invisible to him". 

The interview appeared on the hard copy of Marie Claire magazine on January 4. 

Here is the complete translation of a segment of his interview:

Marie Claire: This means you could love a 50 years old woman?

Yann Moix: Oh no, do not exaggerate. That is not possible.

MC: You realize that is horrible for women?

YM: I’m telling you the truth. At 50 years old, I am incapable of loving a 50 year old woman”

MC: Why?

YM: Because

MC: Explain it to me

YM: I find that too old. When I’m 60, I will be able to. 50 will seem young

MC: It disgusts you?

YM: No, it doesn’t disgust me. But it doesn’t concern me, I would never get the idea. They are invisible. I prefer the bodies of young women, that is all. I’m not going to lie to you, the body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary. The body of a 50-year-old woman is not extraordinary at all. But I’m not like the guys who can only fall in love with a woman of 50 years old. I can love a 40-year-old woman.

Outrage of social media

Moix's comments have caused outrage on social media:

Colombe Schneck, a 52-year-old journalist and writer, published an image of her backside on Instagram with the comment: “Voila, the buttocks of a woman aged 52…what an imbecile you are, you don’t know what you’re missing, you and your tiny, paunchy brain.”

While other users pointed out attractive women over 50, others said the women he ignored because of their age can breathe "a collective sigh of relief at the bullet they've dodged".


Meanwhile, French MP Olivia Gregoire, a spokeswoman for Macron’s La République en Marche party, wrote in a tweet: “Very classy Yann Moix. Very very classy. But like stupidity and vulgarity have no age, it’s reassuring in his case as I doubt many women would want (these qualities).”


On Monday night, Moix stood by his comments and told the French radio station RTL he did not "regret" his remarks.

"I love who I want and I don't have to respond to any 'taste tribunal' which for me is a total abscence of taste."

Moix has won several prizes for his novels, including the prestigious Prix Goncourt and the Prix François Mauriac from the Académie Française. He has also directed three films and is also a television presenter.

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