Masked gunmen attack National Oil Corporation in Tripoli

Smoke rises form the headquarters of Libyan state oil firm NOC
Smoke rises form the headquarters of Libyan state oil firm NOC Copyright REUTERS/Hani Amara
Copyright REUTERS/Hani Amara
By Michael-Ross Fiorentino with Reuters
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The headquarters of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli has been attacked this morning by three masked gunmen. Smoke has been seen rising from the headquarters while the armed men remain barricaded inside.


Several gunmen have attacked the headquarters of Libya's National Oil Corporation in the capital Tripoli. Witnesses said bursts of gunfire and explosions were heard as the security forces clashed with the attackers around the building in the centre of the city. Officials said at least two staff members were killed in the assault and there were also reports of two of the gunmen being killed.

“Three or five gunmen were shooting inside the building,” a member of staff told Reuters after he said he had jumped out of a window to flee. “Several people were shot.”

Firefighters and ambulances arrived at the scene to treat the wounded fleeing from inside the building.

A witness said several people were hurt by shattered windows due to the NOC building being covered with glass.

A UN-backed government is in power in Libya but militias are still at large in much of the country.

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