German chancellor says migrants debate is a "defining moment" for EU

Rescued migrants disembarking in Europe
Rescued migrants disembarking in Europe
By Mark Armstrong

Chancellor Angela Merkel told the German parliament that the current migrant issue is a defining moment for the EU. It is also bringing Merkel into conflict with her own government

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the issue of migration is a "defining moment" for the European Union.

She was addressing the German parliament ahead of Thursday's Brussels summit where the main topic will be how to deal with undocumented migrants.

"Europe has many challenges," said Merkel, "but migration could become a question of fate for the European Union. Either we resolve it, and in a way that in Africa and elsewhere one can believe that we are guided by values and that we rely on multilateralism and not on unilateralism, or otherwise no one will believe in our value system any longer, a system that has made us so strong, and that's why this the stakes are so high."

Merkel's liberal stance on migration has put her at odds with some of her ministers who want to see a tougher stance on the issue

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