UK ambassador greeted by flag abolished in 1801 during Romania visit

The old union flag
The old union flag
By Cristian Gherasim
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Romanian officials accidentally remove Irish component from British flag.


Romanian local officials managed to uncover a flag which has not been used for more than 200 years to incorrectly mark the visit of the British ambassador.

Ambassador Paul Brummell found himself sitting beside the antiquated design during a meeting with the mayor of the Romanian city of Iasi, Mihai Chirica.The flag used at Monday’s event was missing the red saltire of Saint Patrick, a symbol which represents Ireland and has been incorporated into the Union Jack since 1801.

As a response to the blunder, the City Hall of Iasi wrote on Facebook that the meeting was organized not by the Municipality but by the Prefecture of Iasi County, an altogether different institution. The statement goes on to applaud the relationship the city has with the departing UK ambassador and blames the protocol error solely on the Prefecture of Iasi County.

Ambassador Paul Brummell, who ends his four-year term in Romania this August, isn’t the only foreign official to be welcomed by flag bloopers.

Only a day before, at the opening ceremony of the Estonian consulate in the Romanian city port of Constanta, the Estonian national flag was hoisted upside down. The incident prompted a reaction from the Estonian PM who headed for the flag, pulled it off the pole, and positioned it correctly.

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