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Turkey: Erdogan facing a tough election

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By Louise Miner
Turkey: Erdogan facing a tough election

President Erdogan could be facing a tough battle to win the Turkey elections on the 24th of June.

That's according to recent polls.

It comes as the lira has plunged in value and with soaring inflation, it makes it very difficult for the 64 year old for the first time in his 15 years leading the country.

According to this opinion poll for the parliamentary election, it shows that Erdogan might not win the first round with less than 50 percent together with the Nationalist Movement Party.

This means there could be a run-off between the Republican People's Party, CHP with Edrogan's biggest challenger Muharrem Ince seen here.

The 54 year old has become well known through his heated speeches.

In this presidential election opinion poll, Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AK Party) could also lose the outright majority in parliament.

It seems Edogan's AK party cannot win on its own.

The election's uncertain outcome accelerates an economic downtrend which comes as people say the nation's most important problem is the economy.

Erdogan was hoping to slow it down by announcing early elections but his strategy hasn't seemed to have worked.