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Royal wedding merchandise you never imagined you needed

Royal fans line up outside Windsor Castle
Royal fans line up outside Windsor Castle
By Darek Michael Wajda
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Want to show your royalist credentials? Here are a couple of suggestions.


The Royal Wedding is just around the corner and anticipation is high — nowhere more so than among marketing managers and merchandise salespeople.

But what does the royal wedding taste like?

Sausages, apparently. Heck, a sausage maker, has produced some special gluten- and dairy-free sausages to commemorate the occasion.

"As a nod to Meghan's American background and Harry's fiery red locks, we've married lean British pork shoulder with American Mustard and Sweet Ginger," the company enthuses.

If you aren't feeling peckish, then how about a custom one-piece bathing suit with Harry or Meghan’s blown up faces on it?

And with the food and attire for the Royal wedding sorted, what else could be needed to complete the evening? 

Crown Jewels heritage condoms has a suggestion, releasing limited edition condoms for the wedding.

The souvenir case plays an exclusive arrangement of patriotic music including ‘God save the Queen’ and ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’

Get your merchandise before it’s too late!

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