Ankara hit by unprecedented downpour

Ankara hit by unprecedented downpour
By Robert Hackwill

Hours of rain falls in minutes as one district of the Turkish capital sees streets swept clear of cars and roadside businesses by flash floods, injuring several people.

Dazed residents of a district in Turkey's capital Ankara have been describing their astonishment at flash floods that injured at least four people, tossed cars around like toys and choked thoroughfares and rivers with debris.

According to a Turkish official, rain which was expected to last three hours on Saturday afternoon instead came down in just nine minutes, causing major flooding in the city's Mamak district.

The government is working to assess and alleviate the damage, which is believed to have affected ore than 160 cars and 25 businesses.

The mayor of Ankara Mustafa Tuna said the flood was "a natural disaster like never before".