Finland tears up the rule book for presidential portrait

Finland tears up the rule book for presidential portrait
Copyright  Finland Prime Minister's Office
By Chris Harris

Presidential portraits are normally dull affairs more concerned about being historically accurate. But the latest one to be unveiled in Finland has torn up the rule book and involved the work of a 100 artists.

Presidential portraits usually favour accuracy over creativity to help future historians piece together a coherent picture.

But the rule book was torn up in Finland on Friday when Sauli Niinistö’s picture was officially unveiled.

Instead of letting one painter depict Finland’s president, 100 young artists were each given a patch of canvas.

Credit: Finland Prime Minister's Office

Finland toasted 100 years since independence on December 6 last year and the portrait is part of the centenary celebrations.

Niinistö, who was elected in 2012, was photographed and then the picture divided into a hundred parts.

The artists were each given a patch and the creative freedom to interpret it as they saw fit. 

They made their creations independently of each other before they were assembled to form the mosaic.

Picture gallery: the unveiling of the mosaic

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Tasavallan presidentti Sauli Niinistön muotokuvan paljastus 4.5.2018
Credit: Finland's Prime Minister's Office