Waffle house hero "just wanted to live"

Waffle house hero "just wanted to live"
By Euronews
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Customer wrested weapon from rampaging gunman who killed four people.

A major manhunt is under way in Nashville, Tennessee for a gunman who opened fire at a Waffle House restaurant killing four people.


The suspect fled the scene - naked but for a green jacket. The authorities have identified him as 29-year-old Travis Reinking, who was arrested last year when he entered a restricted area near the White House.

Police believe Reinking ran back to his apartment and put on a pair of trousers before escaping into nearby woods.

Meanwhile restaurant customer  is being heralded as a hero for taking the gunman's rifle from him.

"I hit him with the swivel door and then, the gun was kind of jammed up and it was pushed down, so we were scuffling and I managed to get him with one hand on the gun, and then I grabbed it from him and I threw it over the countertop," said James Shaw Jr.

Shaw described the moment as "light-switch fast" and said he acted out of instinct because "he just wanted to live".

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