Refugees in Greece denounce Syria escalation

A makeshift refugee camp in greece
A makeshift refugee camp in greece   -  Copyright  CCTV
By Euronews  with CCTV

Refugees in Greece say the new round of hostilities in Syria dashed their hopes of return

Refugees who have been stranded in Greece say the latest bombing by the United States, United Kingdom and France has diminshed their chances of going home soon.

A Syrian refugee family living in a tent said they had been optimistic in recent months about returning to their home after what they perceived as an ease in the violence of the civil war engulfing their country.

"We don't need war, any country, stop the blood [bloodshed] in Arab countries, stop. Why? a lot people is [are] dead, why, a lot of people lost their house, their job, why? they stay in the street, why? The war is very bad. Please stop the war, please," said Hussein’s neighbor Ahmed, a refugee from Iraq.

Ahmed added that they are living in torturous conditions where they had to battle scorching temperatures during daytime and mosquitos during night. Many children living in the tent have contracted skin diseases and worse than that, there is no immediate medical aid available for them.

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