EU under pressure to act against Hungary

EU under pressure to act against Hungary
By Damon Embling

Report is published, critical of rule of law and fundamental rights in country

The pressure's piling on the EU to act against Hungary. The findings of a European Parliament inquiry have been published and are critical of country's rule of law and fundamental rights.

The Dutch MEP leading it thinks Article 7 should be triggered.

"There is a clear risk of serious breach of the values on which this European Union is founded," said Judith Sargentini.

Article 7 could ultimately strip Hungary of its voting rights. But the Parliament's divided over triggering the process, as is the European People's Party - of which Viktor Orban's Fidesz party is a member.

The EPP's leader Manfred Weber congratulated Orban on his election win.

For that, Weber got a tough response from a Swedish member of the grouping.

Gunnar Hokmar says in a letter he is surprised - claiming the election victory was won on a platform of anti-European and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

For one Hungarian MEP, also a member of the European People's Party, the critical report and the letter are based on misinformation.

"In the EPP we have an open talk; so all the members can bring their own concerns," Livia Jaroka told Euronews.

"And they brought them up to me. That's why I can tell you that I know that much of their information is misinformation."

Orban's been locked in running battles with the EU over migration and reforms which are said to undermine democracy - and weaken media independence. He's teamed up with Poland to stand up against Brussels policies.

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