Five things Stormy Daniels revealed about her alleged affair with Trump

Five things Stormy Daniels revealed about her alleged affair with Trump
By Emma Beswick
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The porn actress said she was threatened to keep quiet about an alleged affair with US President Donald Trump, among other claims.


In a highly-anticipated interview American adult film actress Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, disregarded a non-disclosure agreement and spoke about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Daniels spoke to CBS New's Anderson Cooper about the supposed sexual encounter with the US president, which she said happened in 2006.

Trump strongly denies having an affair with the actress.

Here are five key things to take from the interview.

Daniels was 'threatened' to keep quiet

Daniels told Cooper that she was threatened in a Las Vegas carpark when she was with her young daughter.

The adult actress claimed an unidentified man came up to her when she was on her way to a fitness class and told her to "leave Trump alone".

She also alleged that the stranger looked at her child and said: "It'd be a shame if something happened to her mom."

She was 'scared' to go to the police

When Cooper asked why Daniels didn't report the incident to the police she replied: "Because I was scared."

Daniels 'didn't want' to sleep with Trump

Cooper pointed out the age difference between Daniels and Trump when the affair allegedly took place (she was 27 and he was 60).

When he asked if Daniels was physically attracted to the now-president, she replied: "No."

The porn actress also said "no" when Cooper asked: "Did you want to sleep with him?"

She added that she "didn't say no" and agreed that the alleged affair was entirely consensual.

The porn actress felt she had 'no choice' but to sign a denial

Daniels said a statement she signed denying news of the alleged affair when it went public was "a lie".

Cooper asked Daniels why she signed the statement if it was "untruthful," to which she replied: "Because they made it sound like I had no choice."

She refused future advances

A year after their first meeting Trump reportedly invited Daniels for a business meeting, during which she said he made advances on her, which she refused.

During the meeting, which allegedly took place to discuss Daniels' possible appearance on the TV show the Apprentice, she said knew Trump was propositioning her as he "touched my hair, and put his hand on my leg, and referenced back to how great it was the last time".

When Cooper asked how Daniels refused the proposition she said she left the meeting.

The White House denied any sexual encounter took place. It refused to comment to CBS for Sunday's 60 Minutes show.

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