Parkland's teachers return to work with heavy hearts

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By Robert Hackwill
Parkland's teachers return to work with heavy hearts

Teachers have begun to return to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to prepare for students to return to class next week.

In the aftermath of the shooting that claimed 17 lives, students will spend mornings on campus, though little work is expected to be accomplished.

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"They are incredibly brave and strong - a lot of them know that emotionally and some of them physically. I actually met one that was grazed with a bullet and we think grazed with a bullet sounds so simple she has a hole in her arm and a bruise from her shoulder to her elbow that looks like somebody whacked her with a bat and she's 'I'm here because we need to get things ready,' and she was actually in that building," said Broward teachers' union president Anna Fusco.

The Parkland school shooting was the second deadliest in American history.

Now teachers are returning to the front line in a bid to put the events of last week behind them, even if for all it is painful, and for some just too much, and who will not be returning until the last minute, or not at all.