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Russian man tries to beat closing time with tank

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By Robert Hackwill
Russian man tries to beat closing time with tank
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A thirsty Russian man in the city of Murmansk was not prepared to heed the "closed" sign on his local liquor store when he went on a bender, so he stole an armoured personnel carrier from his local military training base, and tried to ram-raid his local supermarket with it.

Called to the scene local police arrested the man as he was making off with a bottle of wine, and reported he was "probably drunk" before stealing the military vehicle.

At least one car was damaged during the escapade, during which the vehicle was driven erratically through the city before attempting to batter itts way into the store.

The Russian military has refused to comment on how a civilian was seemingly able to enter a military facility and make off with a heavily-armed vehicle on a whim, and unchallenged.