Nigerian army says hundreds escape Boko Haram detention

Former Boko Haram abductees are being questioned in Borno state
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Nigerian Army
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More than 700 people have reportedly escaped from being held by Nigeria's Boko Haram miliants.

According to Nigerian army spokesman, Colonel Timothy Antigha, the detainees fled from several islands in Lake Chad and arrived in the town of Monguno, in Borno state.

Farmers and fishermen were among Boko Haram detainees
Farmers and fishermen were among Boko Haram detaineesNigerian army

Details of how and when they got away have not been released but the escapees are said to be "farmers, fishermen and their families" who were all held as farm workers.

An intelligence operation is now under way to ensure that no militants are among the group.

In a statement, the army said the initial Investigation will "focus on finding out where wanted Boko Haram Commanders have migrated to. Meanwhile, 2 pregnant women among the abductees gave birth on Sunday in the holding centers."

The military claims Boko Haram has been weakened by a recent armed forces operation known as Deep Punch II.