Reader poll: Who should be Euronews' Innovations Personality of the Year?

Reader poll: Who should be Euronews' Innovations Personality of the Year?
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Euronews wants your say on who should be one of the five personalities of the year—in fields including space, innovation, culture, business and sport.


Euronews asked readers in December for their vote on who should be the 2017 Personalities of the Year—in fields including space, innovation, culture, business, EU and sport. Find out more about Ben Madden, who won Innovation Personality of the Year, and the other nominees below.

We asked our Futuris presenter and science expert Denis Loctier to pick the nominees who have had a big impact in their field during 2017.

Simpleskin project—Jingyuan Cheng, coordinator 

Cheng is working with businesses and researchers on a project to create affordable, robust and easy-to-use smart clothing. The products aim to improve health, safety, and productivity in anyone wearing them.

Find out more here.

SEMEOTICONS project—Sara Colantonio, coordinator

Colantonio's project aims to develop a "smart mirror" with a touch interface and a set of sensors that analyze your skin, warning of possible symptoms of heart problems and other diseases.

Find out more here

PAL project—Rosemarijn Looije, coordinator

Looije is working with a group of researchers to design a humanoid robot that can play with children who have diabetes, educating them about safe and healthy lifestyles.

Find out more here

H2ME project—Ben Madden, coordinator 

Hydrogen cars have for a long time being identified as a promising technology to fight global warming and climate change. But how do you guarantee they can be charged in sustainable and cost-efficient ways? That´s the aim of H2ME project. Madden's job is to work on creating networks of refueling stations for the commercial introduction of these innovative zero emission vehicles.

Find out more here.  

Tilos Horizon—Dimitris Zafirakis, project coordinator

Tilos, a tiny Greek island in the Mediterranean, is trying to meet at least 75% of its energy needs with just renewables: solar and wind power. Zafirakis and his team are installing a system aimed at ensuring the creation and distribution of energy for residential heat storage, including hot water.

Find out more about the project here

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