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Fear on Bucharest’s metro after woman pushed in front of metro train

Fear on Bucharest’s metro after woman pushed in front of metro train
By Euronews
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Passengers say they are now waiting for trains with their backs to the wall.


Metro passengers in Bucharest are on edge after a woman was reportedly pushed under an oncoming train.

Just hours before the victim fell to her death, another passenger was attacked, but managed to escape.

The passenger went to police, who have now came under fire for not preventing the subsequent murder.

Carmen Dan, Romania’s Minister of Internal Affairs, said there was a lack of communication.

Police say they have now charged a 36-year-old woman with murder and attempted murder.

“We now wait for the train with our backs against the wall. Nobody is standing close to the edge of the platform,” one subway user told Euronews.

Then, three days later, a 57-year old woman threatened to kill several people in another metro station in the heart of Bucharest.

“Four people have filed criminal complaints against the woman,” Dianca Sarca, a spokeswoman for Bucharest police told Euronews. “The complaints refer to verbal aggression and so far there is no sign of any physical assault. The culprit is currently subjected to a medical investigation.”

Authorities say there is no traceable connection between the two cases, suspects or their victims.

Liviu Chesnoiu, a criminal psychologist, told Euronews: “People that are inclined to such behaviours have a high level of mimicry. We could see more imitating these kinds of crimes, especially during holiday season when many feel alone and unattended.”

He added the media should refrain from overexposing such events, as some criminals could seek nothing more than public attention through their actions.

The question of safety remains the public’s main concern. Over 30,000 people signed a petition demanding authorities install protective barriers on metro platforms.

Felix Stroe, Minister of Transport, announced the subway operator will start doing so in the second half of next year.

Bucharest police have been reassuring fearful passengers that additional measures are being taken to prevent similar events from happening.

Police say patrols are being increased and there is more officers disguised as civilians around Bucharest’s metro system.

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