Euroviews. View: May’s weakness on EU divorce bill will cost UK dearly

View: May’s weakness on EU divorce bill will cost UK dearly
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UKIP’s David Challice says Theresa May’s feeble governance will leave the UK shovelling cash into the EU for decades


By David Challice

Following the Brexit negotiations (if we can call them negotiations; perhaps that should be ‘capitulations’) we now see the Prime Minister, Theresa May, gear up to pay vast sums of our much-needed cash to the Burghers of Brussels, money we need here at home.

This is just so typical, Conservatives talking tough but rolling over like puppies when the crunch comes. No wonder people despair of them, particularly when the main alternative is Jeremy Corbyn and his Socialist cohorts.

We’ll now be paying shedloads of cash to the EU for the next 40 years, estimated cost £45 billion, but probably far more. I wonder how Eurosceptic Tory MPs feel about this and will they mount a leadership challenge after Christmas?

In fairness, it's not always the Conservatives' fault. Chancellor Angela Merkel could have given real concessions to then-Prime Minister David Cameron when he went to Europe with his list of demands for EU Reform. But when he got back to London and opened his bag all it contained was a mouse that wouldn’t squeak. Had the EU given him some red meat he might have avoided holding a referendum. But they didn’t. Instead we voted Brexit.

In Brussels this went down like a lead balloon, but they have only themselves and their complacent arrogance to blame. I suspect that now they secretly wish they had listened more to Cameron rather than blowing him a raspberry and sending him home empty-handed, but it’s too late for that.

As for the money side of things, some have wondered whether the Greeks or Italians (after we leave) will then start hammering on the gates of Berlin, asking for money to plug the gap left by the departing Brits. But given recent news, I doubt Germany is too worried. Mrs May seems to have sorted that one out to their complete satisfaction.

We might be leaving the EU but will be shovelling cash at them for decades, all because Mrs May lost her bottle and caved in, when she should have been prepared to walk away. They would soon have come running after her. As it is, I am afraid to conclude, they have our Prime Minister wrapped around their little finger. It is not a pretty sight to see her so humiliated. In fact, it is grim. But unless she finds her bottle within the next couple of weeks then we must all pay the price of her failure.

David Challice is communications manager for Ukip

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