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"Mexicans will not pay a penny for Trump's wall"

"Mexicans will not pay a penny for Trump's wall"
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Escarlata Sanchez: "We are with Mr Juan Manuel Gomez Robledo Verduzco, Mexico's ambassador to France. Hello, Mr Ambassador, thank you for talking to us. Who will pay for this wall in 2017? Will Donald Trump's "Big Wall" ever see the light of day?"

Ambassador Verduzco: "The wall is not up for discussion between our two governments. The plan of Donald Trump's government is an insult, it is something we find offensive, that we consider a huge insult to the Mexican people. Individual countries should do what they think they must on their own territory and, naturally, Mexico will not pay a penny for this wall."

Escarlata Sanchez: Your country has had to deal with all kinds of violent situations in certain regions. How is the Mexican government dealing with this?

Ambassador Verduzco: "Well, with a lot of international cooperation. Mexico knows what challenges it continues to face in certain regions, it is right to emphasise this. Happily, this is not the situation across the board and we have made progress.

The situation in cities like Theodad Huarey is much improved. Today, this is a city which has moved on. This is not just me saying it - the specialised press and NGOs have followed the transformation of Ciudad Juarez and of Tijuana.

Some areas are still challenged by drug trafficking and organised crime. Without doubt, there has been a resurgence of violence

but the Mexican police are working more and more in a professional manner. There are federal police and also a national gendarmerie, which has been created in the style of the french model. France has given us a lot of support in this. What we would like to do is to constantly develop our own capability."