Shocked New Yorkers tell of "gun shots" and fear

Shocked New Yorkers tell of "gun shots" and fear
By Euronews

Deadly vehicle attack in New York - incident being treated as terrorism

The mid afternoon attack has naturally shocked New Yorkers who were preparing for the Halloween festivities.The use of a vehicle as a weapon is reminiscent of other suspected terror incidents carried out in Europe in the last 15 months.

Witnesses described what they saw:

“We saw the guy. We saw the car and it was surrounded by rubble. Yeah we saw the guy, he looked like he had on dark colors and he had a beard. But he was holding two guns. So it was a little scary,” said Josie Lis.

“Say something along the lines of he has a gun, he has a gun. So at that point I turned around, but maybe 30 seconds later I hear somewhere between five and 10 gunshots one after another,” added John Williams.

Tuesday’s assault took place only a few blocks away from ground zero, the site cite of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Walter Wickiser took a wider view:
“I don’t know, we’ve been through 9/11. But, now this truck thing and the cars, using cars against people. I mean I walk up that road every day, you know, to go to wherever. I mean you just have to be very, very careful and vigilant all the time.”

The authorities have warned residents to expect a stronger police presence on the streets as the investigation into the attack continues.