Watch: Aid trucks swarm across pools of mud

Watch: Aid trucks swarm across pools of mud
By Ana De Oliva

Impressive Red Cross footage shows trucks battling to carry construction material in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Red Cross trucks were captured on camera struggling through mud across the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s rural area (watch below).

The trucks were heading to Walikale, a remote area in the middle of the Congolese jungle, carrying construction material to build a water tank for local residents.

Rainy weather has caused even the main roads leading to Walikale to flood.

In mid-August, trucks transporting construction material were marooned due to the precarious road conditions. Last week’s mission, pictured on the video, also involved towing the stranded vehicles so that no resources were left behind.

“It took us weeks to travel 320 km. This shows that we face a lot of problems bringing aid in, not only issues related to the armed conflict, but also conditions like these”, said an International Committee of the Red Cross spokesperson, referring to the footage.

All trucks eventually made it to Walikale. Due to the rough conditions, there was some damage to the material. Nevertheless, construction of the longed for water tank has already begun.

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