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"Carwash" corruption scandal in Brazil claims Roussef for first time

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By Robert Hackwill
"Carwash" corruption scandal in Brazil claims Roussef for first time

For the first time former Brazilian president Dilma Roussef has been charged with corruption, accused of helping to run a criminal network that pilfered millions from the state oil company.

Roussef was impeached last year and deposed from the presidency. Her predecessor, Luiz Lula Ignacio da Silva and six other members of their Workers Party were also charged.

Da Silva has already been found guilty in the so-called “carwash” scandal, and given nine and half years in prison, but is free while he appeals.

Lula is currently on the political comeback trail campaigning for the next general election, in October 2018, and drawing big crowds as he proclaims his innocence, accusing the opposition of staging a political coup against Roussef, and a witchunt against him.

The carwash scandal may prove to be the biggest political corruption scandal of modern times, and it has sucked in politicians from all parties.