Pensioners go on drink-fuelled naked rampage through luxury hotel

Pensioners go on drink-fuelled naked rampage through luxury hotel
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A pensioner went on a naked rampage through a luxury hotel forcing staff and guests to flee, a court heard.

Robert Fergus, 72, ran bare-bottomed into the reception of MacDonald Loch Rannoch in Scotland, wielding a pair of scissors.

He insulted staff and guests after his wife, Ruth, 69, had threatened to shoot a hotel employee with a firearm.

The duo, who had consumed an ‘unreasonable’ amount of alcohol, were fined 4,477 euros at Perth Sheriff Court.

The drama began on February 4 when a hotel customer told staff Mrs Fergus had woken her up by banging on her door.

It was then that Mrs Fergus, in her nightgown, had threatened to shoot a member of staff with a firearm.

Mr Fergus then appear naked in hotel’s reception area, brandishing a pair of scissors and shouting abuse at onlookers.

He then used the scissors to cut communication cables before picking up a sign and smashing a window.

Witnesses were so scared they fled to the nearest village, Kinloch Rannoch, more than three kilometres away.

The couple then went on-the-run and were later stopped in a BMW two hours later.

Mr Fergus was found to be drunk at the wheel of the vehicle and has been banned from driving for a year.