Fresh downpours spread misery across South Asia

Fresh downpours spread misery across South Asia
By Euronews

More than 1,200 have been killed as the fallout from heavy monsoon rains continues to be felt in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh

The streets of Pakistan’s port city of Karachi have been submerged by heavy downpours that began early on Thursday.

Some people say they are fed-up and frustrated with authorities for not taking better preventative action.

Karachi resident Mohammed Furaz said: “I have had to drag my motorcycle back as it broke down due to the flooding of the roads. You can see for yourself the state of the roads. The authorities are not bothered. Thunderstorm predictions were made four days ago. Karachi’s mayor should take action. They take so much money to fix these things but there is no improvement.”

More than 1,200 people have died across India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Aid workers estimate around 16-million people have been affected with tens of thousands displaced.

In Bangledesh, where at least 134 people have died, more than 10,000 hectares of farmland are estimated to have been wiped out, leaving farmers with nothing.

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