Usain Bolt retires after losing world title

Usain Bolt retires after losing world title
By Euronews

Usain Bolt lost the final race of his spectacular career to Justin Gatlin

Its been a career which captured the attention and admiration of the world. Usain Bolt was the fastest man on earth for much of his decade long career. But in his final race, a golden farewell wasn’t to be, as a controversial athlete, Justin Gatlin beat him down into third place in a tight finish.

“My body is telling me its time, you know what I mean. My legs are hurting now; it’s the first time ever I’ve done running and my legs are hurting so its time to go.”

Calling it quits at the age of 30, Bolt lost to a man who produced a comeback through a doping-tainted career.
But fans weren’t dismayed, they celebrated his positive influence on the sport.

“(Usain Bolt is) honoured the sport by being a clean athlete for his entire career. We noticed when Justin Gatlin’s name was called the crowd reacts negatively.”

But this result won’t be what Bolt is remembered for. It will be as the relaxed big man from Jamaica, the greatest sprinter of all time, running 100m in 9.58 seconds, a world record which has stood firm for eight years already.

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