Venezuelan security forces gather outside chief prosecutor's office

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By Euronews  with REUTERS
Venezuelan security forces gather outside chief prosecutor's office

Venezuelan security forces have taken up position outside the office of the country’s chief prosecutor.

It comes a day after the government inaugurated a new legislative body that the country’s chief prosecutor said was fraudulently elected.

What did the chief prosecutor say?

Luisa Ortega had asked a local court to halt the inauguration of the new 545-member constituent assembly.

She cited allegations that the government fudged the results of the vote that created it.

The assembly was nonetheless installed on Friday despite opposition protests.

What have the assembly members said?

They warned that they would fire Ortega the first chance they got.

It took less than 24 hours from the assembly’s inauguration for her offices to be cordoned off.

In a tweet, Ortega asked the international community to denounce what she called “this arbitrary action”.

What is the issue with the new assembly?

Critics say the new legislative body has no checks on its powers. They say it could re-write the constitution, re-arrange state institutions and allow socialist President Nicolas Maduro to rule by decree.