ISIL under siege Raqqa set to fall

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By Euronews  with AGENCIES
ISIL under siege Raqqa set to fall

As Mosul falls in Iraq, the so-called Islamic State’s de-facto capital Raqqa in Syria is under siege as US backed Kurdish and Syrian forces have blocked all escape routes from the city.

Still IS hangs on the to last remaining threads of the battered Metropolis, the extremist group is sending female suicide bombers to attack Kurdish fighters and Syrian De Forces

With the city cut off the militants are still desperately defending their spoils retaking three neighborhoods.

In response the Kurds and the SDF have deployed an additional 1,000 fighters to bank of the Euphrates opposite Raqqa.

Pockets of resistance remain, but both strongholds in Iraq and Syria will soon free from the brutal IS yoke.