Eurasian Media Forum at heart of EXPO 2017

Eurasian Media Forum at heart of EXPO 2017
By Euronews
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How our planet powers its future is the hot topic at this year’s Eurasian Media Forum, in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.

The international discussion platform brings together world-class opinion leaders and top media figures to discuss the world’s most pressing issues.

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— Eurasian Media Forum (@EAMediaForum) June 13, 2017

The eyes of the world are already on Astana as it hosts EXPO 2017, a vast international fair from June to September, specialising in future energy solutions and social, economic and environmental challenges.

As for the Forum, now in its 14th edition, it fits hand-in-glove with the huge exposition and will take place at the Congress Center in the heart of the 174-hectare site.

The Forum’s renowned delegates from former world leaders to Nobel Prize winners will be adding their expertise to the debate on the Expo’s key theme of “Future Energy”.

Check the Live Streaming of the stunning Expo Opening Ceremony

— EXPO 2017 Astana Int (@Expo2017_Int) June 11, 2017

Over three days, the Eurasian Media Forum’s optimistic and progressive agenda called “Win-Win Scenario” will bring together more than 600 representatives from 60 countries to discuss the planet’s crucial issues from a media perspective.

The busy schedule between June 22 to 24 will explore global themes such as geopolitical reconstruction, security strategy and sustainable development in the digital environment, trends in the green economy and the energy of the future.

Falling just weeks after the EU and China vowed to “step up” efforts on global warming, while US President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord, the timing of the Expo and the Forum is eye-catching.

Kazakhstan itself has embraced sustainable development, and it hopes Astana will be able to demonstrate some of the most innovative ideas and trends in the area of solar, wind, bio-gas, marine current and thermal water energy.

Founded in Kazakhstan in 2002 by Dr. Dariga Nazarbayeva, the Eurasian Media Forum has welcomed hundreds of politicians, economists, Nobel laureates, scientists, and experts to the Central Asian country each year.

It is therefore fitting that the Forum is at the very core of Astana’s EXPO 2017, where more than 115 countries and 22 international organisations are being represented. More than 5 million visits are expected to be made to the site.

Nazarbayeva, a doctor of Political Sciences, said: “The world is overloaded with information noise.

“This is a time when facts lose their primary importance, turning into an endless stream of arguments and opinions, generating a distorted vision of reality. As a result, the world community is a prey to political turbulence and economic upheaval.

“Kazakhstan, as the point of intersection of many cultures and the geopolitical centre of Eurasia, is the natural home of the Eurasian Media Forum, a platform for independent dialogue that is recognised internationally.

“It is symbolic that this year the Eurasian Media Forum will be held under the aegis and on the territory of the international exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.”

Among the speakers are the former President of Turkey Abdullah Gül, former US Energy Secretary and current US Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson and Nobel Peace Prize winner Rajendra Pachauri.

José Manuel Barroso, the former Prime Minister of Portugal and the President of the European Commission from 2004 to 2014 will take part in the debate titled “Changes In The World Order: Building Bridges Or Walls?” alongside Gül and Richardson.

They will discuss the entry of mankind into an “era of possible multipolarity” with new world leaders, and the transformation of society from obsolete, outdated relationships towards new forms of global integration.


Another key session will be on the concept of “green economy” as the basis for sustainable development of the modern world.

Delegates including Pachauri and the chairman of EXPO 2017 Akhmetzhan Yessimov will discuss how governments are becoming aware of the need to embrace the “green economy” idea in order to achieve sustainable development.

And experts from the BBC, Bloomberg and the Financial Times will be running master-classes on news and the media in the 21st century.

See the full schedule of our master-classes on our website:

— Eurasian Media Forum (@EAMediaForum) June 15, 2017

At a time of such uncertainty around the world, the leading minds at the Eurasian Media Forum will be aiming to provide some solutions to the environmental and energy challenges we face.

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