News on the move in Venezuela

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By Euronews
News on the move in Venezuela

A group of activists in crisis-hit Venezuela have decided to take the news directly to the people. They’ve begun broadcasting to public transport users after traditional media outlets became more cautious about covering the tumultuous political situation.

“I think it’s excellent. It’s a way to open people’s eyes because it seems some people have their eyes closed. For me the situation in Venezuela is clear but there are people who still think that Venezuela is Wonderland and it’s not the case,” one woman said.

Founder of ‘Bus TV’ Claudia Lizardo says she hopes to pass on credible, neutral information, and insists her participation in anti-government protests will have no bearing on their reports.

“I think people may have lost the habit of watching the news, or, maybe, we had no access to real news, and like this we can have it in easily,” she said.

Twice a week, small groups board buses in Caracas to read news bulletins, their faces framed by a cardboard mock-up of a television screen.

The initiative has been replicated in other parts of Venezuela.