Runaway sniffer dog shot dead at New Zealand airport

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By Atack Patrick
Runaway sniffer dog shot dead at New Zealand airport

A trainee security sniffer dog at New Zeland’s biggest airport has been shot, after it escaped its leash and ran onto the runway, grounding planes.

Grizz, a 10-month old security dog, was being put into a vehicle in the public area of the airport, when an Aviation Security Service (Avsec) spokesperson said “something” caused the dog to escape.

In an unfortunate turn of events, a gate to the airside area had been opened to let a truck through, and Grizz took advantage and ran onto the tarmac.

Avec spokesperson Mike Richards said the search for the escapee was hindered by the pitch black of the night, and Grizz was not found for two hours. When the dog was located, Richards said: “he would not let anyone near him, and kept sprinting across runways”.

“We tried everything: food, toys, other dogs. But nothing would work”, added Richards.
Eventually airport officials ordered police to shoot Grizz.

“We exhausted every option and could not catch (Grizz)”, an Auckland Airport spokesperson said.

“There were no tranquiliser guns at the airport, and the police do not have them either”, the spokesperson added when asked why the decision to take lethal action was taken.

But the public have reacted with a mix of confusion and anger.

Many have left angry comments on the airport’s Facebook page, including several who have witten disparaging reviews.