Fighter jet crashes near Turkey-Syria border

Fighter jet crashes near Turkey-Syria border
By Euronews

Rebel group claims it shot down the jet.

This footage purports to show a military jet crashing in Idlib near the Turkish border in Syria.

Rebel group Ahrar al-Sham claimed they shot down the plane. Syrian state TV reported that the air force had lost contact with a fighter jet, but gave no further details.

Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu said a Syrian military plane had crashed in the province of Hatay.

It reported that the pilot had been found and taken to hospital. He had apparently managed to use his parachute to land safely.

At the time of the crash, pro-government warplanes were carrying out airstrikes on the town of al-Dana in Idlib province. According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, at least four people were killed.

The Syrian government, backed by Russia, is focusing military efforts on the northwest of the country. According to the the latest UN estimates, 66,000 people have been displaced by the latest fighting in Syria.

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