Trump critics promise '100 days of resistance'

Trump critics promise '100 days of resistance'
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The night before the inauguration, thousands took to the streets to begin a weekend of dissent.

Anti-Trump protesters in Washington clashed with police in riot gear.

They chanted ‘racist’ and ‘Nazi’ at Trump supporters at the National Press Club , where inside, the president-elect was attending an event dubbed the ‘DeploraBall’.

While over in New York, a rally was held outside the Trump International Hotel, attracting a starry line-up to rival the inauguration concert.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore told the crowd that it marked the beginning of 100 days of resistance.

“A little bit of pain, a little bit of discomfort, but a lot of work on our part will stop this man. He will not last the four years.

Trump’s high-profile critics aim to stand up to what they see are attacks on healthcare provisions, immigrant rights and action on climate change.