Trump's Russia problem 'will only get bigger'

Trump's Russia problem 'will only get bigger'
By Euronews

Our Washington correspondent says this is only the start of Russian problems for Donald Trump.

Stefan Grobe, our Washington correspondent, gives his analysis on the latest controversy swirling around Donald Trump.

“The latest memo on Trump’s ties to Russia is highly problematic and troubling at the same time. Problematic because the information is mostly unverifiable, and troubling because it could basically mean that Moscow tried to set up Trump as an asset for years, and that they have video footage to prove it in order to blackmail Trump.

That sounds like spy fiction yet US intelligence chiefs considered it important enough to brief Obama and Trump and the Congressional leadership on these allegations. Like it or not, Trump is going to become the next President in nine days, unless he steps down, very unlikely, short of impeachment there is no mechanism that strips him of the job.

That does not mean that Trump’s Russia problem will go away. It will likely only get bigger.”

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