Death of George Michael sparks worldwide reaction

Death of George Michael sparks worldwide reaction
By Robert Hackwill

The overnight surprise death of singer George Michael has sparked emotional reaction around the world.

Reactions have been following the sun across the globe as the world wakes up this Boxing Day to the news of the untimely death last night of pop star George Michael.

The fifty-three year-old died peacefully in his sleep after a more than 30-year career as singer and heartthrob.

Australians were among the first to hear the news.

“Absolutely devastated, I didn’t realise he’d passed away, I’m very upset because I just loved him, his music is so mellow and he’s just fabulous,” said one woman.

“I’m feeling bad because it was a surprise, I just found out, and I admired him as an artiste. I’m shocked because, you know, another artist that is gone in this year! 2016 is to be forgotten,” said a man.

Tributes included one from the British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, but the tweets and quotes have been flying in fast from the world of show business where Michael was held in as much affection for his personality as respect for his ability to sell records.

Michael was known for his generosity and support for charitable causes,

but what was less well-known was his outspoken criticisms against the Thatcher government in the 1980s, and his concerts in support of the striking miners in 1984.

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