Venezuelan opposition drops symbolic trial of president

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By Euronews
Venezuelan opposition drops symbolic trial of president

Venezuela’a opposition-dominated parliament has delayed a symbolic trial of President Nicolas Maduro.

A march on the presidential palace planned for Thursday has also been postponed.

President of the National Assembly, Henry Ramos Allup said the decisions had been taken to ease the country’s political crisis.

“This doesn’t mean that we are going to wait six months to see what happens. If the dialogue starts and we see that the government isn’t compromising, does not understand and does not accept anything and believes that sitting at the table is a kind of dictation from them to us, well, we’ll stop and that will be it.”

On the government side, several political activists have been freed as part of the conditions set to facilitate a dialogue process. The date for which is November 11 as agreed at Vatican-backed talks earlier this week.

Carlos Melo, who was one of those released, said that freeing prisoners was showing that Venezuela can take a path that ‘fosters freedom and brings about change’.

President Maduro has faced almost daily mass protests organised by the opposition which is trying to remove him from office. They blame him for Venezuela’s dire economic situation which has seen food shortages and spiraling inflation in the oil-rich country.