'We want to construct, we want a better Europe' says embattled Juncker

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By Euronews
'We want to construct, we want a better Europe' says embattled Juncker

The EU Commission President, Jean- Claude Juncker, covered a number a topics in his speech in an attempt to bolster belief in the European dream tarnished by Brexit, splits between East and West, populism and a turgid economic outlook.

Below are a number of extracts from his state of the European Union speech.

“We don’t destroy, we don’t want to undermine, we want to construct, we want a better Europe.”

“We respect and at the same time regret the UK decision, but the EU as such is not at risk.”

“I believe the next twelve months are decisive if we want to reunite our Union. If we want to show to the world that Europe is still a force capable of joint action.”

“The Commission is proposing today to set up a European solidarity corp. Young people across the EU will be able to volunteer to help where it is needed most, to respond to crisis situations like the refugee crisis or the recent earthquake in Italy. These young people will be able to develop their skills and get not only work but also gain an invaluable human experience.”

“A Europe that protects is a Europe that defends. We must defend ourselves against terrorism that is an absolute necessity. As we mourned together, so we must remain united in our collective response. We must remain true to ourselves, to our values, our democracy, pluralistic,open and tolerant.”

“The world is getting bigger everyday and Europe is getting smaller if we want to keep our standing and influence then this assembly is essential.”

“Look at the conflict in Syria. The consequences for Europe are clear, but where is the union? Where are the member states negotiating for a peace settlement?”

“History will not remember us, but our mistakes. Could we be guilty of errors that would bring an end to the European dream.

For the full speech click on the following link.