Albania and France meet in Marseille

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By Catherine Hardy
Albania and France meet in Marseille

Albania and France meet in Marseille

The scene of violent clashes between English and Russian football fans over the last few days, Marseille is currently a sea of red.

Albania and France will meet in the Mediterranean city on Tuesday evening as part of the Euro 2016 championship – and the atmosphere is very different.

There is an obvious police presence, but for the moment, things seem to be good-natured.

“We’re expecting a good show, more than anything,” said one Albania supporter. “But also a victory for Albania.”

“Play as well as possible. No aggression. May the best team win – but that will be Albania!” said another.

French fans

Fans have also gathered outside the French team hotel.

“For me, it’s become a tradition to welcome the French team when they’re at the hotel,” said “superfan” Clement d’Antibes. “Usually the players do a walkabout before the match but with the security situation and the risk, there won’t be one. But its not a problem. We’re here to cheer on The Blues.”

Fans aren’t disappointed by the likely no-show.

France is all but guaranteed qualification if they beat Albania, so all they want is a win.