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How to carry $250,000 in your pocket

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By Euronews
How to carry $250,000 in your pocket

Worried about deforming your pockets with wads of banknotes? Tired of humping around gold bars?

If you’re a multi-millionaire looking for a portable solution for your wealth that can be accepted worldwide without needing a call to the bank, Vult could have a solution for you.

The American company has launched a product designed to fit up to $250,000 into your wallet. Including a carefully sourced and selected sample of cut diamonds, supported by a simple internet verification process the credit card-sized product is ideal for transporting large sums.

It’s also free from currency risk and resilient to global economic factors.

VULT offers:

  • White case worth $25,000 USD
  • Blue case worth $50,000 USD
  • Black case worth $100,000 USD
  • Gold case worth $250,000 USD

“ Diamonds are portable, globally traded, easily stored, highly concentrated stores of wealth,” said the inventor of VULT and CEO of finance company Secured Worldwide Joe Lipton: “Investment- grade diamonds are 100’s of times more valuable than gold by weight. Yet diamonds have never emerged as genuine asset class like gold, oil and other commodities.”

Secured Worldwide, a global financial technology (FinTech) company based in New York City and Hong Kong launched VULT in late 2015 in New York and Hong Kong and on May 10 in Dubai, UAE.