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Iran bans female MP for 'handshake with an unrelated man'

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Iran bans female MP for 'handshake with an unrelated man'
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Iran’s conservative factions have launched a broadside against the county’s reformists following their recent electoral humiliation.
A newly-elected female MP has been banned from taking her place in the next parliament for allegedly shaking the hand of an unrelated man while in China or for not covering herself under the hijab.
Minoo Khaleghi had been vetted by the unelected, but extremely powerful Guardian Council and disqualification by them, particularly after victory, is extremely rare.

However, the law student, one of 18 women to be elected, has denied she contravened any law and any published photographs are simply fake.
The reformists secured an extra 38 seats and effectively broke the electoral dominance of the conservatives.
In effect it means that Rouhani can now attempt to introduce a raft of domestic “liberal” policies in line with his foreign policy maneuverings, which have had such a geopolitical impact.
All in all it looks good for Rouhani, however his reliance on reformists could go against the grain.
He is essentially an authoritarian and the potential for trouble with leftists in the Islamic Republic could play into the hands of the majorly-miffed Conservatives who would love nothing more than to see the reformist coalition crumble.