Protesters call for David Cameron to resign

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By Catherine Hardy  with AFP
Protesters call for David Cameron to resign

This is the final straw

  • Protesters try to take over hotel with Cameron inside
  • PM vows to heed the lessons of the last week
  • Says he will publish his tax information

What is happening?

Rowdy protesters accusing British Prime Minister David Cameron of hypocrisy have tried to take over a London hotel where he was attending a Conservative Party meeting.

They blocked the street, waiving banners reading ‘He’s got to go’.

Delegates were advised to remove identification before leaving.

Protesters also converged on Downing Street, the prime minister’s official London residence.

Why are they angry with Cameron?

The “Panama Papers” leak gave details about the financial affairs of more than 200,000 offshore companies.

David Cameron’s late father Ian was revealed to have owned one of the firms involved.

However, it took several days and statements before the prime minister’s interest was clarified.

What has he said?

Cameron says he should have handled the scrutiny of his family’s tax arrangements better.

“Well, it’s not been a great week. I know that I should have handled this better, I could have handled this better, I know there are lessons to be learned and I will learn them. Don’t blame Number 10 Downing Street, or nameless advisers – blame me”, he the audience at the Conservative Spring Forum in London.

He said the mismanagement over the disclosure of his historical interest in an offshore trust is his responsbility.

Downing Street staff should not be blamed, he added.

He says he will publish the information used to compile his annual tax returns, past and present, because he wants to be “completely transparent about things.”

What they are saying

“This is the final straw, yeah. And I think hopefully this will be the straw that’s going to break the camel’s back. The camel being David Cameron.”protester.

“So important that people get out on the streets and show that they do care and we want something different. Whether or not he resigns, that would be amazing – maybe he won’t, but either way, change needs to happen and this is just the start of it.”protester.