French students protest over labour reforms

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By Euronews
French students protest over labour reforms

Students in France are staging their latest day of protest on Tuesday against labour reforms they say will put them in a precarious position once they enter the world of work.

The aim is really for the revolt to start from here

For over a month tensions have been growing over the pro-business measures proposed by the Socialist government to loosen protective French employment legislation.

“The idea is to rise up because we need hope, we need to get people interested in politics again because everyone is disappointed by what is going on in France right now,” said demonstrator Sophie Tissier in Paris.

“The aim is really for the revolt to start from here and to make a big impression on the government. The aim is to see fear not on our side but theirs,” added fellow protester Guillaume.

‘Here’ is the Place de la Republique in Paris, occupied for five consecutive nights by opponents of the reforms.
Calls are now growing for similar sit-ins to be staged elsewhere in the country.

Tuesday’s mobilisation is another test of strength for President Francois Hollande, plagued by low popularity and a jobless rate stuck stubbornly above 10 percent, little more than a year before a presidential election.

Protests last Thursday led to scores of arrests as youths and police clashed in Paris, Lyon and Nantes.