Odds stacked against Sanders and Trump in presidential nomination race

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By Euronews
Odds stacked against Sanders and Trump in presidential nomination race

After a few surprises and raised eyebrows in the early exchanges in the race for the White House.

The Democratic circus heads for Nevada,while the Republican wagon train rolls into South Carolina.

Is this the year non-establishment candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders face off for the White House?

Hold your horses! Says Charles Cook from the respected ‘Cook Political Report’: “The odds of Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination or Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic nomination are very, very small, obviously for different reasons. In Trump’s case, you know, he is averaging 35 percent of the vote. What that means is that 65 percent of Republicans are not for Donald Trump.”

For the Democratic nomination Sanders and his people are enjoying a healthy start to the race, but will it be enough to snatch the nomination from Hillary Clinton:

Charles Cook continues: “Hillary Clinton has all kind of problems. She has legal problem, she has general election problems. But she is not going to lose the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders. His support is too narrow. Too many just young people and far, far left. And unless he starts breaking through among African American voters, among Latino voters, he is not going to win the nomination and there is no sign that he has done that yet.”

Both Trump and Sanders appear to be enjoying the limelight and the possibility that what began as a gamble could end up a safe bet.

Our Washington correspondent is Stefan Grobe :“Saturday’s contests are a crucial step before the campaign heads into Super Tuesday on March 1st. And it could be another bad day for both party establishments. If the outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win, expect an ugly slugfest for the rest of the primary season.”