Mocking stereotypes: the hashtag causing a stir on Twitter

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By Euronews  with Twitter
Mocking stereotypes: the hashtag causing a stir on Twitter

Stereotypes die hard. People who live up to them in one way or another are often not even aware of what they’re doing.

A hashtag aiming to mock the situation has been circling the French Twittersphere with great success.

#SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs — literally, “If black people were to talk like white people” — is being used to draw attention to comments made about black people. But the twist is that the remarks are transformed into clichés about white people to demonstrate, in a humourous way, the stupidity of what people have been known to say…

“Look, it’s me on safari in Europe. I wanted to adopt them all.”

“I’ve personally always liked white people and your culture. I always eat cheese after a meal.”
“Isn’t that the white guy we saw before? What can we do? They all look alike!”
“I saw a documentary about Europe yesterday and I love your style – it’s so ethnic!”

“Show us how they dance where you come from.”
How is it possible that you don’t know how to do the caterpillar (dance)? Don’t give me that, it’s in your blood!
Ah, your former president is under investigation. Yes, apparently it’s a national sport in your country.”

A never ending cycle?

It’s not the first time the French have taken to Twitter to raise awareness of the issue of stereotypes.

The hashtag #SiLesHomosParlaientCommeLesHeteros (“If gay people talked like straight people”) is also making the rounds at the moment.

“I love straight people. I’ve always dreamed of having a straight friend.”
You’re straight? Is it because your parents made you play football when you were little?
“I’ve always wondered: how do you manage to meet other straight people? Do you recognise each other?”
“What? You’re alone? Wait, a friend of a friend of mine is gay. I’ll tell him about you.”