Fatal crane collapse in New York City

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By Euronews
Fatal crane collapse in New York City

A massive crane has collapsed in New York City killing one person and injuring three others.

The accident happened along West Broadway in the Tribeca neighbourhood.

The crane came down on a row of parked cars in high winds and snow flurries.

Workers were lowing the machine at the time of the collapse.

The boom of the crane measured 152m.

Those in the area expressed shock:
“It’s a little concerning living around here. You get sort of used to seeing cranes around different buildings and then all of a sudden one falls and somebody dies and people get hurt. It does kind of make you reevaluate things,” said one Tribeca resident.

All cranes in New York City have been lowered as a result as a result as mayor Bill de Blasio explains: “We have take the precaution, even though wind levels have not reached the levels that normally would lead to a larger shutdown of cranes around the city, we are taking the precaution of doing that right now.”

A bride to be was caught in the chaos following the accident, but the Fire Department got her to the city hall on time.